The New DVSA videos

“I had someone ask me whether I could do an Intensive Course of one week with a test at the end of the week ( sigh) so I suggested for them to do some research to see how long the average person takes, waiting lists etc. Always good to be able to quote some official guidance as to how many lessons they reckon the average person might need but no, that’s been taken away again. Like a good boy I had a search myself for the relevant DVSA videos only to find they’d all been updated with much less information:

“Unfortunately – updated means not stating any more how many hours someone might need- DVSA just can’t bury any data they have in that department deep enough can they? Good to see that they no longer demand that the instructor accompanies them on test with: “Don’t forget to tell your instructor that this is what you want them to do”

“With the new driving test video then apparently there is no need to do a reverse parking in a bay anymore as there is no mention of it so it looks like there’s only 3 manoeuvres to do – bit of a video goof. Does no one at DVSA look at these things?”

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