Test waiting times

The DVSA have resurrected their “Despatch” magazine as a blog and one of the first posts is about test waiting times. There are some interesting points made in the post:

What the numbers show:

First things first
I want to apologise for the inconvenience increased waiting times cause. I know how important it is to be able to get a driving test within a reasonable amount of time.

There are 3 reasons why we’ve seen an increase in waiting times:

  • the economic recovery – more people are taking driving lessons again
  • we’ve had more examiners retiring
  • there has been a surge in people in their 20s taking tests, after leaving it longer to learn to drive

We carried out 407,000 car driving tests between January and March 2015. That’s up 5.2% on the same period last year and demand is increasing.


Whether the reasons given will be enough to keep test candidates and their instructors happy remains to be seen.

Read the full blog post – and don’t forget to look at the comments!

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