A request from DIDU chair Barry Kenward


I am looking to collate responses from colleagues all over the country to find out:

  • what waiting times are in your areas, (if you have more than one TC then waiting times for them all);
  • what effect the waiting times are having on your business; diary planning, pupil lesson planning or anything that is detrimental to your business;
  • what effect the waiting times are having directly on your pupils in so far as it affects their ability to be independent; get work; go to and from school; not rely on others  (inconvenience to those others); costs of additional lessons, pressure being put on pupils should they be unsuccessful on the first occasion, or anything else that is detrimental to your pupils.

If you could all send to me directly (as soon as possible) at barry@barrykenward.co.uk so I can collate the responses. When you all respond, can you PLEASE advise me of the TEST CENTRE NAME and which COUNTY that is in.

For your information, the DVSA has recently stated through Colin Maddock that the average UK TC waiting time is set at SIX WEEKS. As we all know in many TC’s around the UK it is nothing like that, which is why I am instigating this enquiry. Last summer I wrote to the DVSA requesting the national waiting times for Cars (Cat B) and Cars and Trailers (Cat B+E) for all TC’s and was told it would take a few days to get together. I am still waiting. As a result of this, I again wrote, but this time to my MP for her to charge the Minister to take action to produce this data, so we can see truthfully what the problems are.

Thanking you all in anticipation,

Barry Kenward (Chair)
The DIDU Association

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